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On our website we have made it extra easy to find the right tyres for your particular vehicle by typing your vehicle reg-number into our tyre finder section. Still, we think you might be interested in some facts about tyre sizes.

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Note- Before moving forward, it is very important for you to know that you should always buy tyres recommended by the manufacturer for your respective car to ensure maximum driving safety.

Now let’s understand tyre size in brief!

Tyre Size Explained

Understanding the tyre size can be complex for many. However, we have tried to keep it simple and straightforward for you.

Let’s take the tyre size 195/65 R15 91H, for instance. This alpha-numeric code comprises several details like:

195- This number indicates the tyre’s width in millimetres

65- It represents the aspect ratio of the tyre or the sidewall height measured in percentage of the full tyre width.

R- This letter R helps us know that the tyre has a radial construction.

15- Number 15 represents the rim diameter of the particular tyre.

91- This number 91 serves as the load index of the tyre. It basically means the maximum amount of load a respective tyre can handle, which in this case is 1356 lbs.

H- Letter H represents the speed index. It indicates the maximum speed for the tyre when fully loaded. Here it is 130 mph.

The performance of your car can get jeopardised severely if you install the wrong sized tyres on your vehicle.

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