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Are you looking for TPMS Replacement for your vehicle?

According to the UK Government, every vehicle manufactured after 2014 must have a built-in safety-enhancing system known as Tyre Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS.

With the help of sensors, this system constantly monitors the air pressure level in your car tyres and provides necessary information about the same. In case the air pressure level in the car tyres falls below 25%, the TPMS alert starts blinking on the car's dashboard.

Are you looking for a TPMS replacement Basingstoke?

Then, look no further than Fast Fit Service Centre. We are one of the most reliable destinations offering affordable TPMS sensor replacement Basingstoke.

About Our TPMS Replacement Service

TPMS replacement is a very intricate procedure and requires advanced tools and techniques for utmost accuracy and precision. However, experts at our workshop are well capable of conducting this delicate service within a minimum turnaround time.

Firstly, they will inspect the TPMS sensors to identify the underlying cause of the issues and then they will offer cost-effective replacement solutions with OE-grade spares. This ensures enhanced performance and service life.

Please note: Unfortunately, TPMS sensors cannot be repaired. This means, they must be replaced.

In this regard, we are the ones you can rely on!

What are the causes of faults in the TPMS?

Prolonged exposure to an unfavourable external environment, extreme temperatures, juddering, etc., are some of the most common causes of fault in the TPMS. Besides, there are several other factors that affect the functionality of the TPMS:


Usually, vehicle manufacturers install TPMS sensors on pure aluminium stem valves. However, these valves are continuously exposed to impurities and dust that can lead to rust.

Exhausted Batteries

Due to prolonged usage, the TPMS batteries die, and sensors cease to perform.

There are two types of TPMS:

Indirect TPMS

This TPMS does not have air pressure monitoring sensors inside the car tyres. Instead, they detect a low air pressure by comparing the relative wheel speeds through the ABS wheel sensors.

Direct TPMS

In this system, sensors are mounted on a car’s wheels and provide real-time information about the air pressure level to the ECU. When the levels fall below 25%, the warning light starts blinking on the car’s dashboard.

All the above-mentioned TPMS are available at our facility. Therefore, search no more for new “TPMS sensors near me” and visit us.

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