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Here in the UK, you are only allowed to use car tyres with an EU label attached. So, if you are a vehicle owner looking for car tyres Basingstoke, it is always beneficial to know about the latest tyre labelling rules effective from May 1st 2021.

Here at Fast Fit Service Centre Ltd, we believe in providing an all-inclusive solution to our customers’ vehicular needs. So, here at our workshop, we have updated our tyre product collection with the latest EU labelled models.

The Latest EU Labelling Rules:

Fuel Efficiency

Under the new rules, your car tyres’ fuel efficiency is marked by rating A to E. Tyre products with rating A have a lower rolling resistance, offering superior fuel efficiency.

Alternatively, the car tyres with rating E have a higher rolling resistance that adversely impacts your car’s fuel economy.

Wet Grip Performance

A tyre’s wet-grip performance marking ranges from A to E. Car tyres rated A can offer the most efficient braking performance on wet road surfaces. In comparison, tyres rated E can provide the least.

Noise Emission

A new ABC Rating system is now followed to indicate a tyre’s noise emission efficiency, as in:

  • Rating A symbolising brilliant nose efficiency
  • B-rating refers to the high external noise produced by the tyres
  • C-rated tyres are outlawed.

There are some other additions also, like:

  • There is a 3PMSF symbol on the label of the tyres designed to offer snow performance.
  • Each of the tyre models features a unique QR code. You can scan it to get the details and verifications of the tyre models directly from the EU database EPREL.
  • Nordic winter tyres’ labels now have stalagmite symbols.

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